Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year, New Sweetness

I post at random with ideas of being a better blogger...and always come up short...but it's a new year and I have new goals, ones that I hope won't leave me feeling I've fallen short. 

I joined a running group.  I decided the best way to improve is to pay for something that makes me feel accountable!  My goal for this year's half marathon is just to improve my time again and actually run more than a mile total.  I think this group is going to be the perfect motivation to meet my goals.  I also hope that in this I can tighten down on my diet and lose a few pounds.  If I force myself to document it maybe I can motivate myself more.  Putting it out there means it has to be real, right?

So today I feel excited and nervous!  Our first run is Tuesday and to say I've been off the wagon is an understatement!  My goal for this week is just to make it to training and breath through to the end LOL!  Baby steps...

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